The Whitfield Charity Horse Shows

The Whitfield Horse Shows have been running now for 17 years and were started to encourage local riders to compete at a level they were comfortable with. Steane Park was our first venue and when we grew too big we moved to Westbury Wilds where we were welcomed until a change of Land Management and torrential rain that year forced us off the land and we were offered a new home at Manor Farm, Whitfield.

How lucky we were as we have a lovely area to run the shows and plenty of space for parking and working in. The arenas are always well covered and mown before each Dressage event and Show and don't get too boggy in the wet weather.

The Shows are run completely for charity and we are hugely grateful to everyone sponsors, advertisers, judges, helpers and competitors for their support. All the events have to be well supported as it isnít worth all the hard work involved in setting up and running the events if noone comes. I am especially grateful to Martin Clarke whose support I couldn't do without and for being there for me when things just get too much! Everyone needs someone like that when running an event. Martin and Ellie do all the groundwork, keeping the area looking good and putting up all the rings before each event and carting the Working Hunter Jumps from storage to the ring area.

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