Whitfield Charity Horse Shows

This horse show has now been running since 2000 and has moved from Steane Park to Westbury Wilds and on to the present venue at Manor Farm, Whitfield. Times have changed over these 18 years and there seem to be either more shows weekly or people are going to less horse shows as the entries have dropped dramatically, during our years at Westbury Wilds we quite often had 100 entries compared to the 20 we had at the Ridden Show in July last year. It is with regret that I cannot continue to run with so few entries as the cost of running them is well over £1500 for each day show. I will however run a Show in June this year, it will incorporate all three shows together, with 2 rings for ridden classes, 1 ring for inhand classes and a hunter ring. I will continue to put a working hunter class on even though there were only 5 entries covering all size workers and this hasn’t changed over the last 3 years. Depending on the number in 2018 will determine as to whether I run in 2019 or not.

It is only possible with the permission of Martin Clarke that we can continue to run Shows and Dressage on his farm, even with the limitations of HS2 he has said he will find us somewhere to do the events. I am really lucky to have a landowner in Martin Clarke who is extremely helpful and moves animals around to accommodate where we put the rings and arenas, has the ground mown and rings and arenas put out. He allows people to have the use of his fields to park and work in whatever the weather. The grounds always look lovely. Such a lovely place to have events being quiet and rural, wonderful for young people and young horses to start off their careers.

I am very grateful to the judges, stewards and writers who turn up every year to help, to people who support us by entering classes and tests, providing food, the secretary and lastly sponsors who keep this show running.

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