Sponsors in 2018

Bagforce Ltd sponsoring Coloured horse class. 

Bentoms Rosettes sponsoring the Young Stock class.

Harley Equestrian are again sponsoring the Ridden Hunter class. 

Beachborough School sponsors the Ridden Championship.

The Equine Laundry are sponsoring the Inhand Champs

Monogram Teamwear sponsoring the 1st Ridden class.

Russell & Butler sponsoring Best Sport Horse Class 

The Rose Family from Brackley have sponsored the class.

Steven Astaire sponsoring the Ridden Retired Racehorse class.

The Scott Family sponsoring the 12 & Under Dressage winner.

Chris Loggin sponsoring the Inhand Retired Racehorse class. 

Horses4history Nicky Willis providing specially trained horses for film, tv, promotions etc.

Serena Rees Catering sponsoring Hunter Pony Type.

Mad Horse Transport sponsoring Ridden Veteran

Bar Encore Towcester sponsoring Riding Club Horse class

What Wood You Like sponsoring Best Turn Out and Lead Rein

Central Horse News sponsoring Ring 4 and the Working Hunter Championship

The Vet Centre sponsoring Large Working Hunter

Four Seasons Equestrian sponsoring Show Championship

SJ Showjumping sponsoring Hunter Pony Type class 

Advertisements from:


The Vet Centre

Russell & Butler 

The Equine Laundry

What Wood You Like

Four Seasons Equestrian 

Beachborough School